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Learn How to Cook in Thailand


Thai cooking is perhaps the most famous national cuisine of Thailand. It is said that it was invented by a Buddhist monk called Khun Lakhon. This monk taught his monks about the preparation of this dish and later on many other people who came from different parts of Thailand learnt how to cook this type of cuisine.

There are many dishes that have made their way to all over the world and some of them are Thai. This cuisine has gained fame around the globe especially in Asia. It is one of the most popular cuisines, which has been adopted by many as an original cuisine. You will be surprised to find out that Thai is a very famous food in this part of the world because people love to eat this kind of dish in Bangkok. The main reason for the popularity of Thai is its rich taste and aroma.

Thai Cooking Can Be Divided Into Different Categories

 It is categorized in three categories; the first is the Thai curries, the second category includes the traditional dishes and finally the third category includes the modern dishes which were introduced during recent years. When it comes to the curries, you will find that there are various types of curries available in Thailand. These include the chicken or beef curry, vegetarian curries and many more. In order to make it easy for you to learn and prepare for this type of cuisine, you should have a basic knowledge of the different types of curries. You will not learn much if you just try to go to your nearest Thai restaurant and order for the basic ones.

There Are Many Other Types Of Thai Dishes

There are many other types of Thai dishes and one of the most famous among them is Pad Thai. It is basically the stir fried noodles. It is usually served with a green salad and a big amount of spicy sauce. Thai cuisine in fact uses a variety of different cooking methods and ingredients, which give it a unique taste. A typical dish from Thai food is the Thais famous Pho soup which is usually accompanied by steamed rice and some other dishes.

Most of the Thai meals are cooked in a big pot in front of the fire. Sometimes these pots are covered in coconut leaves and the aroma of the fragrance is really strong. When the family and friends come over to spend their holiday at your home, you will be surprised to see them enjoying the meal that you prepared for them. Thai food is always prepared on the same day. It is always cooked on the same day so you do not have to worry that it may be leftovers when you prepare your next meal.

Apart from the Thai recipes, you will also find many Thai recipes which can be easily prepared using your own kitchen. These recipes are also used by many restaurants in Thailand in preparing Thai cuisine. A common recipe from Thai cuisine can be used in making noodles and this can be used as a starter dish to many other types of Thai recipes.


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